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Windsor Security Guard Trainings

Best Online Security Guard Training Course

Our SECURITY GUARD TRAINING COURSE provides comprehensive online instruction, accessible 24/7 for your convenience. As one of the select organizations in Windsor, we specialize in online blended courses, including First Aid and CPR, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

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Security Guard Training Courses

Security guards are mandated to undergo a security guard training course by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Consequently, the MINISTRY stipulates that the course should be 40 hours long and include first aid and CPR training at Level C.

With First AID & CPR

Without First AID & CPR

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Security Guard Training Course

This program fulfills the Ministry’s mandated 40-hour security guard training essential for acquiring a security guard license. It comprises 33 hours of online security guard modules along with 7 hours dedicated to Emergency First Aid training. The comprehensive curriculum ensures thorough preparation for the ministry’s licensing exam, encompassing vital subjects like health and safety, use of force theory, report writing, and more.

First AID Training

CPR Training

Security Guard Course With CPR

In order to become a security guard, you need to be focused on partnering up with a teamwork-oriented training company. Prime Protection prides itself in being the best security guard training company. We believe that every student of ours should be qualified to obtain a security guard job after completing our course.

Why Choose Us

You received your license and are now in the job market. Allow us to make the transition into a new career easier for you by providing you with a job opportunity in the security industry.

Unlike all other training entities, Prime Protection provides on the field training for you to implement all that you have leaned, and learn more about how security guards operate on the field.

We have a blended First Aid & CPR program that allows you to spend only 3.5 hours in class. 3 hours of theoretical training is completed online and 3.5 hours in class for the practical training with our dedicated and experienced instructors.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Courses

  • Flexibility

    Flexible training allows you to work at your own pace and time. The security training program is entirely online and accessible 24 hours. With this convenience, you have the opportunity to create your own desired schedule to complete this course.

  • Affordbility

    With plenty of security guard training courses available in Ontario, you will compromise quality of training for affordable pricing. But at Prime Protection, we ensure students receive only the best training at an affordable price. You deserve an opportunity to join the security industry at an affordable rate while receiving the highest standard of training.

  • Online Facilities

    We have all the online facilities that make learning easier for our students. Our online academy/classes are user friendly and easy to navigate through. Anyone from any area can enroll and access the courses and secure a better future opportunity.

  • Mock Test

    Our training program provides you with a mock test after completing the 33.5 hours of security guard training. This mock test will help prepare you for the Ministry Exam. You are able to write the mock test as many times as you like to ensure you are ready for the exam.